1. Braces:


A beautiful smile goes beyond words. Orthodontics is about gifting you with one such smile.

At here we offer invisible braces to suit your convenience and lifestyle with the help of the best Orthodontists in Ranchi.

Smile Sure Dental also offers the most advanced Clear Aligners and Lingual braces which are completely invisible apart from Ceramic and conventional braces.

2. Cosmetic dentistry:

cos fi

It is all about looks everywhere! So why not for you as well? Walk into Smile Sure Dental and consult our experts about a beautiful smile. Don’t hide your precious smile for the fear of chipped, discolored or spaced teeth. Perfect them with or natural looking veneers, laminates and tooth colored fillings.

3. Root canal therapy:

root canal

What is an Root Canal Treatment?
Root Canal Treatment (Also called Endodontics) is needed when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth (known as the pulp) is infected through decay or injury. You may not feel any pain in the early stages of the infection. In some cases, your tooth could darken in colour which may mean that the nerve of the tooth has died ( or is dying). This would need root canal treatment.

Why is Root Canal Treatment needed?
If the pulp becomes infected, the infection may spread through the root canal system of the tooth. This may eventually lead to abscess. An abscess is an inflamed area in which pus collects and can cause swelling of the tissues around the tooth. If Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is not carried out, the infection will spread and the tooth may need to be extracted.

4. Implants:


If you have a lost or missing tooth — or even have lost all your teeth — you aren’t alone; many People experience tooth loss. Missing teeth can have a negative impact on how you speak, eat, and even how you feel about your appearance.

Smile Sure Dental &  Orthodontic centre Offers dental implants for a sturdy, permanent method to replace a single tooth or even an entire arch.

5. Crowns and bridges:


At Smile Sure Dental, we offer a wide variety of replacements for cracked, broken, severely decayed or root canal treated teeth. Crowns are wide array starting from the perfectly “tooth like” zirconia, the highly durable and esthetic ceramic, the everlasting gold, or a fusion of metal and ceramic. Our doctors and well trained technicians can help you achieve a perfect shade so even you cannot decide which the artificial tooth is and which is your own! Crowns can be used on a single tooth or to replace several teeth. So whether it is about perfecting a smile, treating a worn set of teeth or replacing a lost tooth, now you can have all that it takes to preserve your precious smile.

6. Gum Therapy:

Dentist at work

Healthy gums are the foundation for strong and healthy teeth. Gum care is as important as caring for the teeth since the gums can get infected and be affected by food debris and tartar. Bleeding and inflamed gums lead to loose teeth and eventually to loss of teeth. Performing regular gum care by professional cleaning and flossing is essential for healthy teeth. Harsh techniques of brushing and too frequent or too few brushing can grossly affect the gum health.

7. Tooth whitening:

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Get whiter looking teeth in 45 minutes! Yellow teeth can be heavy on confidence and happiness. We can help you reveal those beautiful white teeth. Our experts use advanced whitening products which can peel away the stains in no time. So don’t let the world walk ahead….Step up to a bright smile today!

8. Extractions & wisdom teeth removal:


Removal of certain teeth may be necessary to improve the overall health, function, smile and comfort of a person.

The transition of the current generation to softer diets has also modified the growth pattern of the jaws and there is a space constraint for eruption of the “wisdom teeth”. This not only creates an imbalance in position of other teeth but also creates other issues like infections. So when not erupted into its proper position, a wisdom tooth is best removed.

9. Dentures:


Dentures are artificial teeth on a metal or acrylic base. We fabricate “removable” and “fixed” type of dentures according to the requirement of a patient. “Fixed” dentures are attached to “implants” The color of the acrylic matches and appears like the gums. They are convenient to use, prevent bone loss and are effective for chewing and speaking. They can replace multiple missing teeth and preserve the harmony of the environment inside the mouth. They also prevent “sinking in” of the cheeks and the “aged” appearance which comes with the loss of teeth and keep you looking younger.

10. All Types of Oral Problem Solution Done here:

At Smile Sure Dental & Orthodontic Centre, we know that oral health extends well beyond your teeth to include your entire mouth and even your entire body. Good oral health has such a tremendous impact on your entire body that it cannot easily be separated from good overall health.

We truly care for your oral health. Take the time to review some of the valuable oral health information we have compiled for you. Great oral health is about a healthy smile and a healthy body.